Small Business Owners

For people who own small businesses, I help them grow their business, by helping them focus on their goals and organize their work around achieving that success.

I believe that the most successful businesses have a strong Mission, a reason they exist, and that sense of purpose keeps the entrepreneur on track all day, every day.  That means feeling certain about your decisions, clear about your priorities, and focused on your work!

We can get started in one of 3 ways:

  • An in-person conversation, to help me understand where you are in your business and what your challenges are, and to let you explore how I could help.
  • Join the Small Business Skills group to work on your business with the help of other local entrepreneurs, plus content such as articles, tips & tricks provided FREE.
  • See if you qualify for free or discounted consulting services by filling out this application for the #BeGreater program!

Still not sure if you would benefit from some help?  Use my confidence checklist to get some perspective on how running your business feels today.