Mission, Vision & Values

Personal Alignment The most successful business owners created a business to fulfill one of their personal passions. Their aspiration and motivations are intertwined and it makes all the hard work of running a business really meaningful and personally satisfying.  We will design one on one sessions to investigate the alignment between your skills and interests, identify potential career paths and personal goals, or evaluate your current business’s Mission, Vision & Values to more closely align them with your personal sense of purpose.

Mission statements Mission statements (or Purpose statements) drive all decisions and activity within an organization. We will help you develop a mission that truly encompasses your organization’s purpose.  When your mission is well thought out, day to day decisions are easily weighed against this purpose. You will free up your mind to focus on achieving your vision, rather than debating your course of action.

Vision Your vision is the long-term aspiration for your organization. Like, really long term.  Not “raise money for cancer research”, but “fund a cure for cancer”. Too specific and you’ve tied yourself to a goal post you may later want to move. Too general and you’ve not actually articulated what you want to achieve.  It’s a tough balance to strike, so let us help you through one on one conversation and exercises where we dig into “where do you see your business in a year? 5? 20?” and what your answers really mean, as a cohesive vision.

Values Your organization’s values are all about what you won’t compromise in order to achieve your vision and fulfill your mission.  Your personal values are a great starting place, but you need to leave room for the diverse cast of people helping, to leave them feeling respected and to ensure they achieve a measure of personal fulfillment alongside you in your path to success.

Team Alignment You may have written a mission, vision, and values before your organization grew, or you may not have. Either way, bringing more people into the mix can make it clear how differently we all interpret the same information.  That just means it’s time to revisit these concepts in a team setting, with facilitated discussions to help clarify and potentially refine these statements for a more universal understanding, and ideally, everyone’s recommitment to upholding them.


Impact, Strategy & Process

Success Roadmapping One on one goals and needs analysis sessions to determine the best short term & long term focal points for your business. We will help you create whichever documents best serve your organization, for example: Strategic Plan Development, Milestones, or Product Roadmap.

Impact Assessment Whether you need to articulate your impact or your desired future impact, we will help you pull together your analytic facts and your anecdotal “why this matters” into a compelling story, Infographic, or Presentation.

Process Development We will help you design repeatable processes that keep you on track.

  • Create financial reports that are focused on your key metrics, and eliminate any uneccesary reporting steps which don’t serve your goals
  • Create ideal customer personas and align marketing and strategy for acquiring them
  • Establish data-driven methods and cadence for evaluating success (v. plan)
  • Create a monthly reporting/deck that can be distributed to all stakeholders (and accurately reflects performance v plan/goals)



Funding, Storytelling & Reach

Impactful Events When an organization holds an event, it isn’t usually just a party.  Sometimes the goal is to raise money or to raise awareness of your product or cause.  Even if it’s “just a party” you probably want it to reinforce and celebrate your corporate culture, right? We will help you plan an event that accomplishes your goals.

Investor Pitch Decks We will help you articulate a focused, clear path to success. A deck that communicates clearly to potential investors makes bringing in additional capital both more likely and less daunting.

Grant Writing We will help you navigate the often complex grant writing process and clearly explain your value proposition, to increase your chances of receiving funding.

Additional Services

Administration Let us prepare reporting, agendas, and other materials needed for your board meetings.

Physical site review of processes, logistics, and overall use patterns, to identify efficiency opportunities.

Daily activity audit to eliminate or replace unnecessary or inefficient tasks.

Personal Resume Services Resume review and feedback session. LinkedIn profile setup or polishing. Full online presence review and feedback session.

Don’t see what you need? Reach out, we love to talk! We don’t do the exact same thing for any two clients, so we’re happy to talk about what we could do for you, specifically!