Mission. Vision. Strategy. You’ve no doubt heard these terms, and that businesses should have them in order to succeed. But they are not magic or complicated, they aren’t expensive to create, and they don’t work just because you wrote them down.

The words you use don’t actually matter.  What matters is actually committing to a long-term goal for long enough to evaluate it, before changing direction. Whether your company is big or small, this can be a challenge, because every day brings new information, new distractions, and new opportunities.  So the key is picking a focus you really believe in, one you can truly use to guide you through prioritizing all of your ideas and challenges.

We can help you brainstorm all your thoughts about what success means both in your industry and to you personally. We will identify patterns and determine what all your best ideas have in common as a focal point.  That focus can then help define useful investments and projects to pursue, best metrics for keeping track of what’s working, and milestones at which to re-evaluate.

We can also help you sort through all your current business practices, to revamp or eliminate any which do not align with your overall focus as a company.