Make 2024 YOUR YEAR & live your GREATER purpose

I know you were put here to do great things. I also know doing the work to achieve great things can be hard, and even seem overwhelming at times, but it doesn't need to be that way.

I'll let you in on a little secret, we are all greater when we work together.
  • When what needs done next is daunting, someone who's done it before can help you to not over-think it or procrastinate.
  • When you've got a million ideas, bouncing them off a trusted advisor can help you figure out where to start and what to focus on.
  • When you start digging in and running out of hours in the day, an extra set of hands to help streamline your processes and adopt helpful technologies will save you more hours than you can imagine.
That's where I come in. I believe all of us have a purpose. I believe more of us pursuing that purpose as our lives' work makes the world better. My purpose is to help you achieve your goals, fulfill your purpose, and make Columbus greater.

I'm very lucky to count many of my customers as friends. Most of us met while working alongside each other, supporting the community. I felt drawn to them and the amazing work they were doing because it matters, and wanted to support them any way I could, whether or not that ever resulted in any formal consulting. If you are doing meaningful work, I’d love to meet you, too - talking about how our lives and careers can improve our community isn’t just my job, it’s my calling, and I do it 24/7, because I enjoy it.

"If anyone is on top of things, it's Rachyl Kershaw. Ms. Kershaw has been working with our not-for-profit organization for approximately 6 months, and has made a huge impact in keeping us and our finances organized, in addition to her work in assisting with our business planning and grant writing. I honestly don't know how we'd have made it through our recent efforts without her."
-Amee BellWanzo, Co-Founder, Alternative Fashion Mob

"Rachyl Kershaw has done a great job for SocialVentures in helping us to identify the right metrics and to use them to enhance the value to our staff and stakeholders of our social media posts and website management. She is extremely reliable, never misses a deadline, and can distill reams of analytics into understandable and implementable suggestions for changes to our procedures, postings, and web page content. I strongly recommend her to social enterprises, nonprofits, in fact any business that needs to enhance its use of digital analytics to manage its social media and online content."
-Allen Proctor, Founder and CEO, SocialVentures

"Rachyl eased my mind about the organizational state of my small business. She approaches with ease the daily problems that drive some of us more creative types crazy. I have met very few people with her ability to size up a situation and provide perspective with seemingly minimal effort. It's because she's beaten you to it. For years. If you are tearing your hair out trying to manage your tasks, track your expenses, keep a grip on your goals - contact her. No need to shop around."
-Ruth Sternberg, Founder, Confident Career Search

"I met at a Meetup networking event and she agreed to meet with me on her own time to discuss some future steps. She has been very helpful in directing my attention to the important things about my business."
"She is driven to make sure I succeed as I'm sure she is with all her clients. She takes initiatives and moves on projects without prompting. She is a great consultant to work with."

-Chef Kuukua, Founder, Asempe Kitchen

Small businesses make the world a better place, and the first 18 months are the hardest. Sometimes, right when you need the most help, you're the least certain you can afford it - that's where #BEGREATER comes in! Tell me about your small business and the impact you hope to make and you may qualify for FREE business consulting! Whether you need help clarifying your focus, figuring out where your time and limited resource will be most impactful, or practical skills training, like how to build a financial forecast, you will become as confident about running your business as you are passionate!

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